Sparkling Duck

Sparkling Duck - Allocation Only

100% Sparkling Shiraz Multi-vintage

A rare and highly complex wine made from estate grown Shiraz.

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Sparkling Duck is a multi-vintage wine bottled to express an array of complex fruit characters and textures, from lovely primary fruit to earthy rounded fruit that only comes from long term barrel ageing. Every two years, Sparkling Duck is blended using two Sparkling base stock puncheons that have been developing over many years with two puncheons of younger Shiraz of Springflat quality. The two older barrels are then refilled using the blended wine, and the remainder is tiraged for secondary fermentation in bottle. The lees are left in bottle for 24 months prior to being disgorged. At disgorging, the wine is liquered using a small amount of our Fortified Duck for added complexity. Usually finishing at about 15.0% alcohol, Sparkling Duck is a wine fit for any celebration.


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